Dr. Ribeiro grew up in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.  She was deeply immersed in the dental field before moving to Florida in 1998.  From a young age, she spent her childhood in dental offices and dental laboratories, thanks to her mother’s profession as a dental technician.  This early exposure to dentistry fueled her passion for the field.  Driven by the desire to transform lives by enhancing smiles and improving overall quality of life , Dr. Ribeiro always knew she wanted to pursue a career in dentistry.


Bachelor of Science Biology – Florida International University

Doctor of Dental Medicine- Nova Southwestern University

Dr. Ribeiro embarked on her academic journey at Florida International University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree.  Her passion for dentistry led her to continue her education at Nova Southeastern University, from which she graduated in 2014, making the beginning of her remarkable career in the dental field.

Dr. Ribeiro is also committed to the continued education in dentistry completing at least 450 hours of continuing education each year.  She is continuously learning and improving her knowledge and skills in the field.


Outside the office, Dr. Ribeiro is a multifaceted individual with a rich array of hobbies.  An artist at heart, she enjoys working/painting with oil, acrylic and resin to create beautiful pieces that reflect her spirit.  An avid traveler, she loves exploring new cultures and favors visiting Brazil and Europe.  Dr. Ribeiro is also committed to staying active and healthy.  She participates in marathons, triathlons and regular gym sessions that give her the discipline she incorporates into her personal life.

At home, Dr. Ribeiro’s love for animal’s shines through her companionship with her beloved dog.  This blend of professional excellence, artistic passion and love for life and nature makes Dr. Ribeiro a truly valuable addition to our team.