Dr Chad M Kamel DDS

My profession means that I have the opportunity to affect patients’ lives by increasing their self-esteem. This ability is a blessing and offers great rewards and a sense of accomplishment. My profession has also given me the opportunity to share my experiences with fellow colleagues and to also gain knowledge from them. Both avenues have improved my patients’ experiences and results.
– Dr. Chad M. Kamel

When Dr. Chad M. Kamel turned 19, he took a job working in a dental office. Eight years later, he graduated from dental school. He found his passion for being a dentist at an early age and avidly pursued it; that passion has not waned and Dr. Kamel continues to seek out opportunities to learn and to impart his own knowledge to others in the dental field. While he loves having the ability to change his patients’ lives, Dr. Kamel also loves the close, personal relationships that he develops with them, finding the interactions to be rewarding and fulfilling. Each day at his office means the opportunity to bring about lasting, positive changes for those he cares about and to spend time talking and catching up with the patients who have become his friends.


Dr. Kamel is a strong proponent of continuing education; each year he completes more than 450 hours of C.E. through lecturing, teaching, and attending courses. He knows that only by staying at the forefront of the dental field he is able to provide his patients with the latest in effective, pain-free dental treatments and treatment options.

A national lecturer on topics including dental occlusion, aesthetics, implant surgery, implant restoration, treatment planning, dental photography, and managing complications, Dr. Kamel is widely respected by his peers. He also was an associate professor and the Division Chairman of Prosthodontics at the University of Florida Advanced Education in Dentistry Residency in Miami, Florida. In addition, he contributed as the course director for Fixed Prosthodontics and Removable Partial Dentures. Dr. Kamel also served as the course director for the curriculum in dental occlusion and advanced topics in restorative and prosthodontic dentistry.

Currently, Dr. Kamel is appointed to the position of Department Head of Surgical Services, and the Director of Implant Dentistry. In this role, he guides the complex prosthodontic and implant treatment plans for the Florida Institute of Advanced Dental Education in Miami, Florida. Here he trains the residents in complex treatment planning, esthetic dentistry, dental photography, implant dentistry, and prosthodontics. He has contributed to the program for the past four years and currently enjoys seeing residents and local colleagues grow in their experience and confidence.



Currently Dr. Kamel lives in Weston, FL, with his wife Sandra and their two daughters, Sierra and Vienna. Dr. Kamel is a native of Lindenhurst, NY. He enjoys keeping busy when not in the office, pursuing running, fishing, photography, and videography. However, Dr. Kamel is happiest when he’s with his family, laughing, sharing stories about their days, and just relaxing.

Believing in giving back to his community, Dr. Kamel is a board member of the Jubilee Orphanage in Brazil and a Sunday school teacher at his church.